Tensador II T-155G+ Canvas Stretcher
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Virtually Maintenance Free.
Selected PMA Hot Picks 2010.
Versatile, Staples Both Side or Back.
Owners Detailed Video and Instructions.
Thorough Customer Support Only a Phone Call Away.
Industry Proved Throughout US, Canada and Europe Since 2001.

Canvas Stretching Machines and Support Products Are Our Primary Business.

Stretching canvas has never been so quick and easy. Tensador II T-155-G+ is designed for stretching giclee canvas, canvas transfers and oil painting. The, unique clamping mechanism firmly grips canvas without harmful piercing.

Tensador II T-155-G+ is a simple effective devise that insures proper and uniform tension of canvas. Tensador II T-155-G+ is designed to stretch canvas from 8” x 8” through 60” x 60” Pneumatic air filter controller and foot activated safety pedal assures safe and reliable operation

The unique gallery wrap on the Tensador II T-155-G+ provides access to the back side of the stretcher bar. This operation requires a staple gun with a long nose to reach the back side of the bar. Gallery wrap or stapling on the back side of the stretcher requires 1 ½” of canvas past the back side of the stretcher bar.To staple on the side 3/8” is required. The Tensador II G+ can accommodate most any commercial stretcher bar size from ½” – 2 ½” thick.

The Tensador II T-155-G+ solves the wide range of finishing requirements, square or tapered corners or supported or open backs.

The canvas image is visible during stretching operation assuring accurate location of image and reduced reject or re-makes.

A small footprint of Tensador II T-155-G+ easily adapts to current plant finishing areas and conserved table space for final finishing.

Minimal adjustments are required for canvas size changes resulting in higher production when stretching multiple size images or bar sizes. Greater machine versatility and low operator training cost.

Pneumatic operation is reliable and requires no electrical needs. Tensador II T-155-G+ uses plant or dedicated air systems. Silent air systems are available.

Built in the USA, you always have direct conversation with the manufacture, to address any operation or parts concerns. Sold throughout the world and shipped by UPS or Fedex for quick economical delivery. 

Tensador II T-155-G+ has a limited parts warranty and covers all but expendable parts on the machine.

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Tensador II T-155G+ Canvas Stretcher

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